Tag: fashion

Frau, May 2016

Highlights from the May 2016 issue of Frau magazine including a Sailor Moon pull out book, 1970’s inspired fashion, street fashion, a guide to ethnic food in Tokyo,…

Honey Salon x Sailor Moon Flyer

A flyer advertising the Sailor Moon and Honey Salon collaboration goods.

Q-Pot Seasonal LOOK BOOK Mint Soda Lagoon

The spring 2015 magazine book and catalog for accessory maker Q-Pot featuring many of their signature dessert themed jewelry pieces.

Tokyu Sotsugyou Ishou Rental Catalog

The 2014 Tokyu Department Store rental catalog for “Sotsugyou Ishou” or graduation costume kimonos.

Cosmode, May 2015

Highlights from the May 2015 issue of Cosmode including the official Acos Sailor Moon costumes, Japanese sword and kimono tutorials, and a full page ad for Baby, The…

chou chou ALiis, August 2014

Highlights from the August 2014 issue of magazine chou chou ALiis featuring interviews with Takahashi Yu and Sakata Shiroi from the Sailor Moon musicals, Ishihara Satomi, and Johnny’s Entertainment group Busaiku…

Larme, July 2014

Highlights from the July 2014 issue of Larme fashion magazine.

Koakuma Ageha, September 2008

Sailor Moon hairstyle highlights from the September 2008 issue of Koakuma Ageha.